Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No to Patent - Web Banner for the show!

The first protest in Indian history against Software Patents. Initiated by Free Software Users Group Bangalore and FOSS Community India. The Candle light vigil to "Say No To Software Patents" is a occasion to raise civil society voice against this back door Trojan to Indian patent system is on 23rd August 2008 in front of Town Hall near Corporation Circle, Bangalore.

I cannot be there, as I have certain other functions here and due to financial crisis. So here is a small work from my side. A button (in fact a poster!) for the promotion of this event which will look like the image below.
No Patent for Softwares

Background image is a photograph by puremango on flickr under CC(BY-NC-SA).Link.
Copy the code below and paste it on your web logs. pages. and even in emails! Spread it out!!

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Anonymous said...

What is written below "Candel Light Vigil" is totally unreadable.